Privacy policy

This Policy is a public document.

By voluntarily transmitting to the portal: personal data, the User confirms his consent to use of the specified data on the terms set forth in this Privacy Policy.

The user sending us an e-mail and/or filling out any registration form on the portal (website): confirms the fact of acquaintance and unconditional agreement with the Privacy Policy adopted by the company.

The user can not specify any personal data of third parties.

If the User intends to exclude his personal data, he must send a letter to the address:, indicating in each letter: Surname Name and from which electronic address they were previously sent personal in-formation.

Unconditional consent of the Visitor with this Privacy Policy is the beginning of the User's use of the services of the portal (site)

If the User DOES NOT agree with the terms of this Privacy Policy, he must stop using the portal (site):


1.1. The portal is a website located on the Internet at:

Information on exclusive rights to the site and its individual elements, including software, text collections and design are indicated on each page of the site in the footer.

1.2. User - the person using the portal (site).

1.3. Personal data - personal data of the User, which the User provides about himself voluntarily and inde-pendently when registering on the site and/or when filling out the forms on the site pages, including when subscribing to notifications of updates and/or news, and / or When submitting applications, and/or in the process of using the functionality of the portal (site), including the Site Forum, as well as in the process of writing messages on the Site Forum.

1.4. Registration - filling in by the User of any registration form (window) located on the portal (site), by indi-cating the necessary information.

1.5. Registration form - any form located on the portal (site), which the User fills in interacting with the portal.


2.1. The Portal collects and stores only those Personal Data that are necessary to improve the User's service when interacting with the Site and for rendering services to the User, and also for answering the User's questions at the Forum of the Site with indication of his Surname, Name and e-mail address (if the User himself indicated it ) And notifications of the User about the answers received by him (if the User himself specified an e-mail address for this).

2.3. The portal processes the following data:

2.3.1. Surname, first name and patronymic;

2.3.2. E-mail addresses;

2.3.3. Phone numbers;

2.3.4. Company name and position;

2.3.5. Photo, audio and video made in the place and during the full-time and online-events, or voluntarily sent by the User, provided that no violation of the rights of third parties;

2.3.6. Links to the personal site (blog) of the User and/or his pages in the social network;

2.3.7. Sent questions and answers of the User.


3.1. With respect to Personal Data, their confidentiality is preserved, except where such data is publicly available.

3.2. Automated and manual processing of Personal Data is carried out.


4.1. The user can change (update, supplement) Personal data at any time by sending a letter to

4.2. The user has the right to send to TRIZ-CHANCE LLC a request to delete his personal data, for which he must send a letter to the address:, as well as via skype triz-ri, specifying in each message: Surname and Name and from which email address they were previously sent personal information.

4.3. The User guarantees that the Personal Data that he voluntarily transmits to him is relevant and does not relate to third parties, nor does he violate their intellectual property rights.


The site has taken necessary and sufficient organizational and technical measures to protect Personal Data. The applied protection measures, allow to protect Personal data from illegal or accidental access, destruction, modification, copying, distribution, as well as from other illegal actions of third parties with them.


6.1. If, for one reason or another, one or more of the provisions of the Privacy Policy are found to be invalid or unenforceable, this does not affect the validity or applicability of the remaining provisions of the Privacy Policy.

6.2. This privacy policy at any time may be changed (in whole or in part) unilaterally without prior consent of the User. All changes take effect on the next day after posting on the portal (website):

6.3. The User undertakes to independently monitor the changes in the Privacy Policy by reviewing its latest edition.

6.4. If you are a citizen of Russia, please read the Privacy Statement posted at this address


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