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Fast and affordable production of highly customizable mobile apps for your business

Mobile apps are changing not only the world but also our business. They change every market in which you operate. They change your ways of working with customers. They change the client's access to your information.

If you have only a website, good luck. Sometimes people visit their computer, but with their phone they work, eat and sleep for the entire day.

Create a mobile app for your business or not—the question isn’t worth it. You're not going to close, we hope. But if you don’t have the app, you should close your business.

How long does it take to develop the app?

Let’s compare. As you can see in the image above, the average production period is almost a year. Can your business wait a year?

We will produce the app on the android platform in no longer than two months!

Where is your data saved?

And where do you want it? It is possible to save the data on your servers—we will arrange everything for this. Or you can select a cloud, and we will put it there for you; if you wish, we will choose the cloud for you. Your data can be anywhere, without additional expense.

How much does it cost?

There are 25 features you should have in any case, no matter what application you order:
  • Custom User Interface due to 100% compliancy with Google Material design https://material.google.com/
  • Any language support for User Interface (no extra payment for additional language)
  • Any number of screens (no extra payment for additional screen)
  • Data synchronization across devices with dynamic updates
  • Full functionality both online and offline
  • Collection of any type of analytic data
  • Reporting on gathered data
  • Activity feed and push notifications
  • Search
  • Tag system simplifying navigation
  • Interaction with website (with any data structure) or any other source
  • 3rd-party api integration
  • User intercommunications via phone calls, sms, emails, comments and external apps
  • Phone contacts interaction
  • Geolocation, built-in and external maps
  • Social Sharing
  • Calendar Integration
  • Login system
  • 2 factor authentication
  • User Profile
  • Approval and moderation system including user administration
  • Dashboard and ticketing system
  • Event Listing
  • Rating System
  • Feedback System

We call these the "gentleman's features" and execute them on the android platform (both for phone and tablet).

So, the price includes:

  • all of these 25 mobile app features
  • specific features you need are also included
  • design in your style is included
  • the backend (database, all servers’ features, etc.) is included.

All the turn-key.

This is a fully native app. And the whole infrastructure for it.

All of your ideas will appear on your device, and each day you will be able to see how the special features, which you would like to have, will start working. Each day you will be able to see how your mobile store appears, or your mobile order service, or your mobile management, or your mobile school, or your mobile agency, or … any mobile business process. And it will take just a short time.

We really will develop a native android app that is particularly relevant to your business. And it's price will be incredibly small (ask us how small)

Do you think it's expensive? We believe it is not.

Compare how much it costs from different sources:

Here is a typical calculator: https://www.otreva.com/calculator/#

Select the function you need (i.e., focusing on examples we have provided above)—you will receive more than $300K.

Here is another calculator: https://newsignature.com/mobile-app-calculator/ - the price level is similar.

And one more typical calculator: https://fueled.com/contact/. As you can see, everything here starts at $75K, and everything more or less decent has a price above $250K

Perhaps you are thinking, "Are these calculators specially selected?" No, they are not.

The Enterprise Mobility Exchange surveyed 300 senior mobile practitioners around the world and published “The Global State of Enterprise Mobility: 2016”.

One finding from the survey was that the most common budget size for mobile development for the next 12 to 18 months was $250,000–$500,000, chosen by 29.1 per cent of respondents, followed by 25.3% who answered over $1.5 million.


Another firm, Kinvey, says:

And well-known analytics from Gartner also write about the high cost and long terms of mobile app development, due to the fact that market demand is five times greater than the performance of software companies: http://solutionsreview.com/mobile-application-development/2016-2/

Thus, if you order what we offer by the market average price, you will pay $250,000–$500,000 minimum.

Anything else?

As our mobile apps are up to 100% compliant with Google Material design https://material.google.com/, they are user-friendly and run smoothly.

Since our mobile apps are compact (have minimum code) and well documented, less qualified specialists are able to manage them easily.

Recommend us to your colleagues and partners, and we’ll provide a bonus to them and to you as well.

Why are we so cost- and time-efficient?

Due to advanced TRIZ (theory of inventive problem solving) techniques and practical solutions. You can familiarize yourself with our methods: www.triz.expert/?id=10033

Would you like to see how our apps look?

Here is an example of one of our recent solutions—an android app. It has full "gentlemen's set" of features and, moreover, is able to execute many other specific functions enabling interactions between teachers, parents and pupils.

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